Keto-Living Pop Up Classes (SEASON 3) January-March 2023

*Class recordings from previously held class(es) available after class ends.*

 Cost: $25/Class

Join our behaviorists to learn about Keto-Living & Weight Loss!


Classes are open to the public and patients. This class focus will be the medical history and science of nutrition, fats, heart disease, and etc. relative to weight loss practice and our program.

Keto Series (Season 3) DAY ONE (Class Recording)
  • Complete history of nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Focuses on healing your relationship with dietary fats.
  • What are "Healthy Fats" & how to use them.
  • Fat & Heart Disease information.
  • Covers the role of fats in our body.
  • Chemical makeup of fats and what that means for use.
  • *Class Recording available* 


Check back for possible future Pop Up classes this season!